extension programmes of the college

Keeping in mind the social responsibility of the institution, the college has organized several extension programmes. These programmes serve as the bridge between the students and the larger humanity. The programmes are as follows :
1. Blood donation camps.
2. Health examination camps.
3. AIDS - awareness programmes.
4. Programmes to awaken consciousness of Women's Rights.
5. Drive against child marriage.
6. Paediatric awareness.
7. Awareness regarding food and nutrition.
8. Literacy programmes.
9. Awareness regarding pure drinking water.
10. Awareness regarding family planning.
11. Awareness regarding regular classes of pulse-polio vaccination.
12. National Service Scheme (NSS).
13. Customer Protection and Awareness camps.

About NSS : With the dawning of independence on 15th August 1947, the Government of India intended to integrate the student community in the service to the nation. The first knowledge commission in 1950 considered the philanthropic service of the students to be of significant importance. This resulted in the establishment of the 'National Service Scheme' (NSS) at the University level in April 1957. The colleges under these Universities also set up their own NSS units.
As a unit of the National Service Scheme of the University of Calcutta, the students of Dr. Kanailal Bhattacharyya college have dedicated themselves towards the glorious aim of serving the nation. The motto of NSS — "Not Me But You" — has constantly driven them to carry out their duties to the nation, throughout the year. Some of their key activities, like keeping the college campus clean and disciplined, tree plantation, celebrating the days of national and international importance [ Youth Day (12th Jan); Republic Day (26th Jan); Women's Day (8th March)' World Forest Day (21st March); Independence Day (15th August); NSS Day (24th Sept.) etc.], making the people of the locality aware of the importance of the pulse polio vaccination — have made the college NSS unit vibrant.
The NSS has conducted a Health & Medical Check Up camp along with free medicine supply at Baramollakhali, 24 Pgs(s), in the Suridarban Coastal Area from 4th to 10th March 2011.
Recently the NSS conducted one Medical Camp in Ambena Gram Panchyet Gadiara, Howrah from 24 March 2012 to 30 March 2012.
The N.S.S. Unit also conducted one Medical Camp especially for the mother and their Children from Dec. 13 to 15 Dec. 2012, at Amberia Gram Panchyet, Gadiara, Howrah.
The N.S.S. unit of our college conducted one Spl. Medical Checkup camp in Amta 11 Block (Manuchak G.P) for three days (19/3/2014-21/3/14) along with six doctors for checking up to 350 patients.
To lead the personality of a volunteer to complete flourishing through group activities, is the aim of the NSS. NSS wishes to achive this goal through certain important steps,
1. Working with the people and for the people.
2. Indulging in creative and organized social activities.
3. Expanding one's knowledge into the community.
4. Finding the practical implication of one's theoretical knowledge.
5. Achieving the potential of democratic leadership.
6. Attaining self-reliance through.
7. Bridging the gap between the educated and the uneducated.
8. Channelising one's knowledge and skill to assist the weaker section of the society.

Vocational Courses : With the financial grant from UGC the college is organizing career oriented courses as well. The courses under this programme are :
1. Communicative English.
2. Computer Application.
3. E-commerce.
4. Alternative Banking.
5. Interior Decoration & Beautification.
6. Travel & Tourism Management.
(2) West Bengal State Council of Vocational Education & Training affiliated additional courses viz : 1) Automobile Mechanics, 2) Computer Application, 3) Taxation Practices.
(3) Two STVT Courses namely Beautification, Garments & Designing have been introduced w.e.f, 1.1.2012.

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