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About The Department

The subject of Human Physiology has always been considered as a subject of great promise and potential to scientists and research workers of various disciplines all over the world for more than 200 years now. It is a subsection of biology, rightfully considered as ‘basic science’ that deals with the normal functions and activities of human life and of the physical and chemical phenomenon involved in the process. Starting from ancient theories which can be traced back to 420 BC to the most advanced molecular laboratory techniques, physiological research has shaped our understanding of the components of human system and their interactions to keep us alive. The Department of Physiology, Dr. Kanailal Bhattacharyya College started its humble beginning in 2008 when University of Calcutta, to which the college is affiliated, permitted the teaching of Bioscience General Course with Physiology as a combination subject. The Department follows CU syllabus for both Honours and General degree course in Physiology and offers a comprehensive study of Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Immunology, Microbiology, Environmental physiology, Biophysics, Chronobiology, Stress physiology, Instrumentations and methodology, Sports physiology, Ergonomics, Nutrition, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Community & Public health, Bio-medical techniques, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics etc. through direct class room teaching and by using various other modalities like organizing student seminars, UGC sponsored seminars, group projects, field-surveys, web-based seminars etc on a regular basis. In its initial years the intake capacity of the Department was restricted to only fifteen. By April, 2010, one Assistant Professor (full time) joined against the sanctioned teaching post via College Service Commission. The Department started teaching Physiology in the Honours level from 2012. At present the Department can enroll 18 students in Honours level and 40 students in General Course with affiliation from parent University. Currently the Department accommodates three well-equipped laboratories with instruments ranging from high precision microscopes, centrifuge, spectro-colorimeter, chromatography apparatus, digital balance, pH-meter, digital Spirometer, ECG machine etc. to meet the academic demands of the students. The Department has a small ‘Departmental library’ and a net-enabled computer for student’s use. The Department has always encouraged its students to participate in various seminars and conferences organized within or outside campus. Attending conference, seminars and symposium is considered to be hugely beneficial as they provide new insights into the domain knowledge, develop research interests and promote networking. The Department organized its first UGC sponsored International seminar in 2010 and has successfully organized its first International Webinar in 2020. The Department has continued to promote various extra-curricular activities among its students. The Department has successfully organized its first ever Online Quiz on ‘Covid-19 awareness’ in 2020. Students and teachers of this Department have participated in various ‘extension cum outreach programme’ organized by the College in recent years. Physiology as a basic science continues to find its relevance among scientific communities, researchers, educationists and clinicians all over the world. It continues to play a pivotal role in improving the quality of life with its multi-faceted approach starting from better understanding of various diseases, their diagnosis and treatment to the enhancement of efficacy of arm forces working in adverse climatic conditions of Siachen glacier. The Department will continue its endeavor to promote the study of this discipline of modern science among its students and to inspire them to take research and development in this field to a greater height for the benefit of human society.

  • Prof. Madhumita Debnath

    Assistant Professor

  • Prof. Dhruba Kumar Sautya


Dharmatala, Ramrajatala,
P.O. – Santragachi, Howrah.
Pin – 711-104,
West Bengal, India

(College Office)