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Food & Nutrition

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Year of Establishment: 2020




Established in 2020, The Department of Food & Nutrition is affiliated with the University of Calcutta. Three years general course is offered initially to introduce the subject among students to enrich students with profound knowledge of Food as well as Nutrition with practical hands-on facilities.

Being a multidisciplinary subject Food and Nutrition plays a huge role in our day-to-day life.

Nutrition is the science concerned with the utilization of food by an organism. As we know food is one of the basic necessities for life that nourishes our body.

This course aims to develop an understanding of the principles of nutrition and enables students to scientifically evaluate the links between diet, health & disease. With the huge popularity of the subject due to its practical aspect and good job prospects, the department has been established.


Our vision:


Food & Nutrition is a multidisciplinary subject. The department strives to provide an impressive academic ambiance to help the students learn the subject and excel as a professional in the future.

The study of nutrition is critical to personal and public health because the food we eat affects our quality of life – our minds, bodies, and overall health.

As we all know, The famous quote by Greek physician Hippocrates, “Our food should be  our medicine and our medicine should be our food”.

This course aims to educate our students on nutrition through high-quality, easy-to-understand materials. There are many different options for careers after completing the course. Through research, outreach, and experiential learning, students have many opportunities to prepare themselves for life after graduation.


  • Programme offered by the Department :


Level Programme Affiliation
UG B.Sc. (General) in Food and Nutrition University of Calcutta


  • List of Faculty members :
   Name Designation
Ms. Mousumi Das. State aid college teacher (SACT-1)
Ms. Riya Bag. Guest lecturer


  • List of Academic Support staff :


  Name Designation
Mrs. Alita Tirki. Laboratory attendant (full time)
Mr. Joyjit Ghosh. Laboratory attendant (full time)


  • Future Plans:


Nutrition plays a major role in enhancing the quality of life through improved physical growth, immune competence, and enhancing productivity with improved health. A variety of job profiles are available for a candidate taking up a food and nutrition course. A candidate can work as a nutritionist, dietitian, in the field of academics, private sector clinics, and hospitals, along with the choice of being self-employed. Students can also enhance their growth opportunities by becoming registered dieticians in India by clearing the RD exam conducted by the Indian Dietetic Association. However, following extensive measures can be taken to improve the growth opportunities of students.

  1. In future B.Sc general course of Food & Nutrition needs to be upgraded to 3 years Hons course by providing proper academic ambiance with more faculty strength.
  2. Short-term internship program for 15 days can be incorporated with collaboration with any NGOs or hospitals.
  3. Any short-term certificate course like maternal nutrition or child nutrition can be undertaken.




Departmental Meeting :


Dharmatala, Ramrajatala,
P.O. – Santragachi, Howrah.
Pin – 711-104,
West Bengal, India

(College Office)